About us


Big fan of Einstein, Carnegie, Godin & Buffet. They keep itSimple.

Our mission

Build award winning websites that makes good companies look great.

Our Vision

To be the Leading Web Design Agency in ASEAN.


Different is Better than Better.

Most designers are weird and ahead of time, we are no exception. We do suits and tie, speak like consultants, care about the websites (babies) that we made.

Because what matters most here is that, you get a fresh perspective (with tonnes of profit) at a reasonable price.

Oh yea, During our downtime, we argue about Mental Models, Psychology, Science (nerdy stuff), Environment and the Multiplication table (mama said math is important).

Keep it Simple

Who has time to think, just shoot!

Show Then Tell

Make people see & feel then tell amazing story.

Less is More

More or less.

Product is Nothing

People buy happiness.

If Everything is Important...

Then we'd be at home training for zombie apocalypse.

Work is Play

Be extremely good that it looks like hardwork to you.

Ask, Never Assume

Follow the lady in GPS.

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