Paid Ads


Get Predictable Results from Google Ads.

Why wait when you can pay for leads?
The Waiting Game

Hoping for traffic to website is slow paced game. The wasted time that can never be bought back. The sales and delivery team is standing still. The payroll keeps going.

Outreach Marketing

Now you can either pitch to any Joe on the streets, do cold call OR pay to get leads to your website. Both ways work, the question is which is more effective and saves you time?

Instead of one, why not do both? Get the best of both world.

Getting You Leads

Google Ads is easy to do, what’s troubling is the ads creative, finding an angle of attack and writing persuasive content. We rely on basic human behaviour and psychology to sell the click.

At the end of it, you get a predictable cost per lead.

Steps for Google Ads.


Research keywords, your product's benefits and competitors.

Launch & Test

Write and launch ad campaign with persuasive clicks.


Increase the ROI and max spend for keywords.

What if we burn Money?

The bad news, we have to do test campaigns. The good news is when we figured out a working campaign, we can squeeze and push to its maximum potential.

Google Ads is not for every business

  • Very niche market (low demand)
  • Unproven product benefits
  • Unproven business model